Pakistani Special Recipes

Pakistani Special Recipes

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Chicken Fried Rice
Pakistani Special Recipes
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chicken tandori
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Pakistani Special Recipes | Hi, In this site,All Pakistani special Recipes with fully detailed Ingredients, (Pakistani Special Recipes)and Cooking Directions are available. Must try it and leave us a comMonth Day, Year @ Hour:Minute ment how’s your cooking results.Also Send us your Good Recipes and we publish it with your name. In our Site we Have All Breakfast,lunch and dinner Recipes in which all have sub categories if you click on “MENU” . You will find our all Sub Categories here we write all categories. Also if you scroll mouse on menu bar Breakfast show their sub categories ,Lunch show their sub categories and also dinner show their sub categories. If you want to cook some recipe and you don’t find here you directly email our contact us and write the name of your recipe which you required. we will defiantly write that recipe and send you back a link of that recipe.

Pakistani Special Recipes

History of Cooking

Cooking or cookery is the art, technology, science and craft of preparing food for consumption. Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely across the world, from grilling food over an open fire to using electric stoves, to baking in various types of ovens, reflecting unique environmental, economic, and cultural traditions and trends.
Types of cooking also depend on the skill levels and training of cooks. Cooking is done both by people in their own dwellings and by professional cooks and chefs in restaurants and other food establishments. Cooking can also occur through chemical reactions without the presence of heat, such as in ceviche, a traditional South American dish where fish is cooked with the acids in lemon or lime juice.

Preparing food with heat or fire is an activity unique to humans. It may have started around 2 million years ago, though archaeological evidence for it reaches no more than 1 million years ago.

The expansion of agriculture, commerce, trade, and transportation between civilizations in different regions offered cooks many new ingredients.
New inventions and technologies, such as the invention of pottery for holding and boiling water, expanded cooking techniques. Some modern cooks apply advanced scientific techniques to food preparation to further enhance the flavor of the dish served

Welcome To Pakistani Special Recipes

We always try to give you best Recipe.In very understanding way which you can easily follow and try at home. In this site we write detailed ingredients and fully described cooking direction. Our viewer are mostly housewives. So we always try to write best Recipes for this you can easily cook and serve your love one’s.

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Welcome To Pakistani Special Recipes

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