Bohri khakra recipe

Bohri khakra recipe

Bohri khakra recipe|Bohri khakra recipe. We are specially thankful to chef: Zeenat Iqbal Hussain who share us there extreme delicious Recipe:Bohri khakra recipe.I hope our visitor will enjoy this recipe and share there experience about this recipe in comment section.

Bohri khakra recipe

It is, at its very basic, a very thinly rolled disc of wheat flour and spices. That is crispy, savory and incredibly fabulous, which makes it a perfect replacement for that crispy, savory and incredibly fabulous potato chip. these Muslims, who are said to have migrated originally from Yemen to Gujarat, are firm believers in the maxim: “The family that eats together, stays together.”Bohri khakhra is a delicious roti recipe to enjoy with a cup of tea It is made from mat bean, wheat flour and oil. It is served usually during breakfast.A healthy quick snack idea, we like whole wheat khakhra as it is made out of 100% whole wheat flour.

Bohri khakra recipe

Bohri khakra recipe


Take left over roti 3
A little oil or as required
Salt for sprinkling over


رات کی پکی روٹی لیں 3
تھوڑا سا تیل یا ضرورت کے مطابق
چھڑکنے کے لئے نمک

Cooking Directions

1.First of all,Take left over roti.
2. Fry in hot oil.
3. Cook it Till golden brown
4. Let oil soak on newspaper.
5. Sprinkle with salt.
6. Ready to serve.
7. Relish with tea.


1. سب سے پہلے ، رات کو پکا ہوا روٹی لیں۔
2. گرم تیل میں بھونیں۔
3. اسے سنہری بھوری تک پکائیں
4. روٹی کا اضافی تیل اخبار پر جذب کریں۔
5. نمک کے ساتھ چھڑکیں۔
6. خدمت کے لئے تیار ہے
7. چائے کے ساتھ اس سے لطف اٹھائیں.

Recipes in Urdu(Bohri khakra recipe)

Special Thanks to

Chef: Zeenat Iqbal Hussain

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